I am a second year PhD candidate at NHH Norwegian School of Economics, affiliated with FAIR-Centre for Experimental Research on Fairness, Inequality and Rationality, under the supervision of Kjell G. Salvanes and Alexander W. Cappelen. My fields of interest are education, childhood development, and intergenerational inequality and in my research projects I use applied microeconomic as well as experimental methods. Previously, I was a predoc at the economics department of the University of Oxford working for Teodora Boneva. Before that, I spent five years at the University of Mannheim where I completed both my bachelor’s and master’s degree in economics.

I am fascinated by the fact that education has a great potential to drive (intergenerational) mobility on an individual and aggregate level while at the same time we observe persistent dimensions of inequalities within education and childhood development, even in the absence of structural barriers such as financial constraints. My work aims to contribute to the understanding what affects these dimensions, particularly the role that behavior and beliefs play within the mentioned research areas and how they translate into outcomes. I consider both behavior and beliefs as important dimensions that often constrain individuals to realize their own full potential.

Feel free to contact me via Email or on @Twitter. You can also find me at office E201 at NHH.

I write some things here and collect research-related resources and links I personally find helpful here .

Get in Touch

I like meeting up with people in real life. So here is a standing offer-if you are around Bergen and want to chat, I’ll buy you a coffee, no questions asked. Drop me an email and I am sure we can work something out.

Also, I like getting email. I think it is a great and frictionless way of reaching out (still fascinates me) and connecting with individuals that can be thousands of miles away and who would be otherwise much more difficult or even impossible to reach. A thoughtful message from a (new) person is always a bright spot in my day and I will reply to every (thoughtful) email I receive.

On my Mind

An abridged list of questions/topics, research and non-research related, I am currently thinking about or want to learn more about:

  • How to generate research ideas/process of idea generation in general
  • How to effectively take notes and retain knowledge (articles, books, podcasts etc.)
  • Innovative research practices (e.g. bounty hunter)


Learning New Things
Roam Research
Rain (you have to when living in Bergen)
Board Games
German Bread
Coca Cola


Cats (allergic)
Hot Temperatures
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